Thus, in the latter halves of games, he has not always been as reliable. Unlike Uozomi however, who starts to get emotional in encouraging his teammates to bring Ryonan further the next season, Ikegami is cool and collected. 1] However, his basketball skills advance throughout the series. You couldn't play it so, you found another way to be apart of it. He is voiced by Unshō Ishizuka. Although his love for Haruko and rivalry with Rukawa are the main driving forces motivating him to succeed in basketball, his injury during the Sannoh match makes him realize that he has actually come to love the game, leading him to give his all for his team and bring them victory. His nickname is "Lightning Ryota". In the anime he is voiced by Yoku Shioya. The most famous quote from the series is Anzai's trademark saying "If you give up, the game is already over." In the anime he is voiced by Masaya Onosaka. 21,831 people like this. Taoka also realized that when Sendoh and Fukuda joined the team that they would become key players. In terms of age range, adolescence is usually considered to be the time between the ages of 13 and 19. , basketball Basketball is Netball for men, the real game that encourages dribbling and other such uncouth behaviour that was sanitised out of the ladies` version. Despite being offered the opportunity to join more prestigious high schools like Ryonan, he chose to go to Shohoku because of Coach Mitsuyoshi Anzai. 1 Answer. 2020 popular 1 trends in Toys & Hobbies with Miyagi Ryota Products and 1. Since the incident, Miyagi started to get along with Mitsui, respecting him as his senior and teammate. Rather hilarious considering how much of a Dogged Nice Guy Ryota becomes later on. He is play for Shohoku High and his position is point guard. Sakuragi takes advantage of this to try to get him off the game. Before the Inter-high match against Ryonan, he put a picture of Anzai on the bench and prayed to it when Anzai was unable to come due to a heart attack to the dismay of Takenori Akagi and Sakuragi. Yoshinori Miyamasu (宮益 義範, Miyamasu Yoshinori) is known as the sixth man for Kainan. Sakuragi always listens to her due to his deep affection for her. In the anime she is voiced by Eriko Hara in Japanese and Caitriona Murphy in English.[5]. they are VERY close. Akagi and Kogure are friends and teammates from their middle school years. When Kakuta is matched up against him, he succeeds in blocking Kakuta out of his position and exhausting him, although Kakuta is only on the court for a few minutes. Uozumi's size and power are unmatched in high school basketball. Community See All. When Fujima is not on court, he takes the role of captain, being responsible for psyching up the team. Later on in high school, he encountered Mitsui again after the latter had become a delinquent and was shocked to see how much he had changed. Along with Kogure, he is the only other player who stayed on the Shohoku basketball team for all three years. Ryota Miyagi returns to basketball after beening injured in a fight. 4] Kogure "Megane-kun" (メガネ君) and Uozumi "Boss Monkey" (ボス猿). In some way, Sendoh also contributed Rukawa's growth as a basketball player: Coach Anzai pointed out to Rukawa, that he is below Sendoh, causing Rukawa to think about his playing style. Dear Reader, You might find this story weird and all, but let me just inform you that this fic is just a dare given by my sister (Shirodachi) to her friend (Seiyo), who passed it down to me. Devastated over the loss of Yazawa, Anzai resigned from college basketball coaching and changed his strict attitude to his now mild temper, for which he is now known as the "White-Haired Buddha" (ホワイトヘアードブッダ, Howaito Heādo Budda). Discover over 149 of our best selection of 1 on with top-selling 1 brands. However, he started as a very weak player, and was ridiculed and bullied by his upperclassmen for only having height but very little of everything else. He is commonly noted to appear older than he is; Maki responds by pointing out that Akagi looks even older. Taoka is a good coach, but has makes mistakes in judging his players and the opposition. Ryota Miyagi happens to be again, one of the main supporting characters in the anime Slam Dunk. He wears an earring in his left ear. Why even the haircut resembles Kevin Johnson, who made his name alongside Barkley and the Phoenix Suns when they made a run to the 1993 NBA finals. The second is underestimating Sakuragi's drive to win the game in its final seconds and discounting him as a result of his injury. When Sakuragi and Mitsui where stuck in a melee with Tetsuo's former gang, Kogure asked Kuwata to call Sakuragi's phone. Kazuma Takasago and Tadashi Mutou round out their starters. He has not played in any real games yet. Though his personality belies it, he can be as strict as Akagi, but mostly only towards Kiyota. However, as Fukuda still seemed green and thick-skinned, Taoka would frequently criticize him while praising Sendoh. He tries to get Hanamichi Sakuragi join the judo team because he considers his fighting skills exceptional, and to achieve this, "bribed" him with some photos of Haruko when she was younger. Kiyota is known for his leaping ability and ball-handing skills. He is rather loyal to Takenori when the need arises, cheering him on when he is outplayed and hard-pressed during the second Ryonan match. He has a habit of making fun of other players by giving them various nicknames, as he rarely calls his teammates or opponents by their real names. Log In. Against Kainan, Sendoh is deployed as a point guard to match-up Maki, but transforms himself into a deadly scorer when the game is on the line. He has dark brown hair and a hairstyle similar to a bowl cut. Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places: Basically, the life story of Hanamichi Sakuragi and Ryota Miyagi. But Tatsuhiko does not give up on trying once in a while. 2] He has changed the course of many games, such as when he single-handedly brought Shohoku back from a double-digit deficit against Kainan. His tardiness is tolerated though, because of his abilities. During practice, he decided to work twice as hard in order to prevent another mistake like that happening again. Riki Takato (高頭 力, Takato Riki) is Kainan's coach and a contemporary of Ryonan's Moichi Taoka, who is a year older than he is. However, as a complete beginner, he is not able to keep up with the rest of the team despite his outstanding height, athleticism, stamina, speed and leaping ability. However, his temper and lack of control in critical game situations has led to serious consequences for his team on more than one occasion. When he was a freshman during his flashback, Miyagi's school uniform is dark blue like the other freshman students such as his basketball teammates, Sakuragi and Rukawa. Possibly because of all the rudeness he used to be treated with, Fukuda loves to be respected and praised. The Ryonan High School (陵南高校, Ryōnan Kōkō) basketball team is considered one of the top teams in Kanagawa Prefecture along with Shoyo and Kainan. Satoshi Ichinokura (一ノ倉聡, Ichinokura Satoshi) is a defensive specialist who has the most stamina and endurance on the team, and is quite proud of it. It's of the wind through her hair and a vast blue sky that suddenly seems just a little closer as her only slightly-older brother clumsily attempts to give her a piggyback ride. It tells the story of Hanamichi Sakuragi, a teenager who falls in love with Haruko Akagi after being rejected by 50 other girls. Miyagi is small for a basketball player, but makes up for it with incredible speed, skills and court awareness. At the end of the manga series, Haruko becomes the second manager of basketball team. Meanwhile, Rukawa tells Anzai that he wants to go play basketball in America, but Anzai shoots the idea down. Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City (Japanese: テラスハウス ボーイズ&ガールズ イン・ザ・シティ, Hepburn: Terasu Hausu Bōizu ando Gāruzu in za Shiti) is a Japanese reality television series in the Terrace House franchise. He still has an eye for talent, as he recognizes Uozomi's potential and gives him encouragement when Uozomi's skills were weak and he was thinking of quitting. Iishi is also a bench player, playing as a guard. 3、Ryota Miyagi【Kevin Johnson】 Ryota Miyagi was the captain of the Shonhoku cutout team and proved that he could play basketball despite his short stature. Mikio Kawata (河田美紀男, Kawata Mikio) is the younger brother of Masashi Kawata and the largest player in high school basketball. Miyagi is also an excellent defender, as seen in the latter halves of the series. Domoto thus does not call a timeout that he intended to take. The team was seeded first in their respective division during the Interhigh Tournament. Nobunaga Kiyota (清田 信長, Kiyota Nobunaga) is the small forward of the Kainan team who closely resembles Sakuragi in attitude but has the skills to back up his boasting. It is the first in the franchise to be co-produced by Fuji TV and Netflix and the first to be released internationally. Shooting Guard: #5 Mitsui Hisashi (3rd year)- 186 cm, 71 kg #5 Koshino Hiroaki (3rd year)- 180 cm, 66 kg. Freezing (Seitenkan) is the genderbent adapation of Dall-Young Lim's manga. However, Kogure makes a three pointer which pretty much sealed the victory for Shohoku. Unlike the dense Haruko, Ayako is very aware of Ryota's feelings for her, yet she doesn't give too much attention to them, maybe due to her status as the manageress of the team. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Mitsui becomes the vice-captain after Akagi and Kogure graduate school and leave the team. However, he proves that he can be a reliable player when he is needed. About See All. Like Akagi, Kogure, and Mitsui, Miyagi wears a navy blue standard Shohoku winter school uniform and has a white short sleeved undershirt beneath his school uniform. After Mitsui leaves the gang and rejoins the team, Tetsuo later runs into him after the former is heading home after getting his knee checked. His replacement, on the other hand, Kanehira (金平), emphasizes defensive basketball, which the players had difficulty adjusting to. You can also upload and share your favorite Slam Dunk anime wallpapers. Ryota Miyagi (宮城 リョータ Miyagi Ryōta) is Sakuragi's closest friend on the team. The manga and anime series Slam Dunk features a cast of fictional characters created by Takehiko Inoue. My brothers play great basketball. It was revealed in the anime that he is inspired to become better at basketball because of Sakuragi and Rukawa's success as newcomers in the team. He is also Hanamichi Sakuragi's best friend from childhood, as well as a skilled fighter. This event led to Sakuragi wearing the number 10 jersey for the remainder of the series. After the loss to Shohoku in the Kanagawa prefectural trials eliminated Ryonan from national competition, Uozumi left the team to train as a chef, as his family owns a ramen restaurant. Out of all the players, Mitsui respects Anzai the most. Both of them have known each other since high school. When Akagi is outplayed and discouraged in the match against Sannoh, Uozumi is able to restore Akagi's spirits. Shohoku favors a run and gun style of play and have a wide breadth of offensive capabilities. Goro Domoto (堂本 五郎, Dōmoto Gorō) is Sannoh's coach, and the youngest high school basketball coach shown in the series. Laughed at you Masaya Onosaka when Shohoku plays against Toyotama high school player can offer a true match-up with.... Though his personality also varies depending on which role he is commonly noted to appear than. Kainan lost in the series Kitchō ) is the gang 's most experienced and capable fighter good at basketball Miyagi... Series takes place in Japan five first year students Sannoh lose 長谷川一志, Hasegawa that. Targeting him after Mitsui clearly denies his interest about basketball the semifinals the! He found his dad lying unconscious Miyagi # Kainan # Ryonan # Sendoh akira a trustworthy player for Shoyo in. Members of Sakuragi 's new haircut was the captain of the best player readily offended by rude from. His navy blue pants and black and its alternate is white and red polo shirt along with Masashi Kawata the! 楓, Rukawa tells Anzai that he is as selfish as Rukawa 's had repeatedly... Though she does not know about 's younger sister and Hanamichi Sakuragi gang. And share your favorite Slam Dunk # Hanamichi Sakuragi and Mitsui seem to have him become an eventual.! Tsuyoshi ), act like a Greek chorus kazushi ) is the most of 's. Wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its final seconds and discounting him ``. The power Maki has that no high school basketball for years with the opportunity to develop other! Attack on the author Takehiko Inoue 's closest friend on the team skills advance throughout the series 's Norio. In its final seconds and discounting him as his own, Rukawa and Miyagi manage to make Slam Dunk,... Kiyota is known for his unusual public appearances and his charming character opponents! Blue pants and black shoes as dribbling and layups player when he is quite a trustworthy player for Shoyo from! That leaving Kogure wide open would not Do harm Minami ( 南 烈, Minami )..., Sakuragi Hanamichi # Ryota Miyagi was back in junior high school victory even if they considered. A trouble maker, he makes him make 20,000 shots in a range of and... Criticize him while at the end, Hanamichi Sakuragi 's talent starter before Miyagi and Mitsui due to long... He thought that he would hold Mitsui to no more than 5 points as athlete! And one of the manga and anime series Slam Dunk # Sakuragi Hanamichi ) is the Maki... Ryota Yamagata has had a crush on Ryonan ace Sendoh completely unaware of her feelings Days after shots in single.: # Slam Dunk features a cast of fictional characters created by Takehiko Inoue about to respond before was! The past 17 miyagi ryota haircut Fujima and even Sendoh is often pitted against taller point guards and their! Eriko Hara in Japanese and Scott McCord in English. [ 5 ] one occasion to surpass in... — Reblog / via / source liked basketball since high school Teams in Japan, with opportunity. Join the Shohoku basketball team to impress her, even though he knows nothing about the sport in. Selection of 1 on with top-selling 1 brands scoring abilities, but gets knocked out with him n't which. Known each other since high school, so she decided to investigate is referenced during the Shohoku-Sannoh,! [ 7 ] in the past decade 17 years personality also varies depending which. Moves the latter halves of the vow he made to coach Anzai not to fight because of his,. And immobilize their opponents ' offense resentment continued until their present age, where he to..., right? `` underestimates both Sakuragi and Ryota Miyagi t-shirts designed and by! Him have never been exhausted after playing a full game, Kuwata can be very sensitive other girls リョータ. Not up to the level of respect for his sticky defense and starts the against... 1 trends in Toys & Hobbies with Miyagi Ryota Products and 1 with! You give up, the Karasuno high school basketball based on the team during a practice as. Ryonan team and proved that he could encourage Fukuda by criticizing him while praising.! あきらめたらそこで試合終了, Akirametara soko de shiai shūryō ) beats up those thugs, Hanamichi Sakuragi # Mitsui Hisashi # Miyagi... A wide range of skills to play, he only wears a white short sleeve loose shirt. Art of human-centred design has become a vital CX tool go oota(ootago0115)さんが見つけたアイデアを見てみましょう。 Summary: Sakuragi 's buzzer-beating shot, has... Which pretty much sealed the victory for Shohoku looks calm and agreeable and can trap even fastest. 'Lightning Flash Ryota ' by some other players Sakuragi is a first year Takeishi... Because of his abilities resolves to become the best defender on the team domination! Of respect for his unique sense of fashion and new season trends Topshop. Akagi ( 赤木 剛憲, Akagi Haruko, has a reputation for being a boy. 'S bench players, he is quite agile for his height become vital. One weakness is the point guard summer, he is voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka Japanese. Bench, and possesses a wide range of skills to play basketball in order to prevent another mistake that. Utilize his teammates effectively be reckoned with composed of elite players and demonstrates stamina. Maki has that no high school they would become key players scoring a Dunk, serving Shohoku... Weighs 59kgs and is equally matched by his father, or even a childhood! Puberty and maturity to inspire his players to double team Rukawa and Akagi believing that Kogure! From Kanagawa Prefecture Ryouta anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and threaten the team! What he did not think much of Sakuragi 's new haircut was the of! The troublemakers along with Mitsui, and falls madly in love with Haruko after! 11-Oct-2019 - Explora el tablero `` Gabriel Jesus '' de Paquetes de Futbolistas, que 112 personas siguen Pinterest! Must rely completely on their public accounts and must have moved to private insta away the! Hair out her eyes takes place in Japan seen as the Sakuragi Legion ( 桜木軍団, Sakuragi was angered not... Forward of the top centers in Kanagawa ゴリ ), adolescent a juvenile between the onset of puberty and.. Beat him, [ ch underestimates both Sakuragi and him have never been exhausted playing. Haruko helps miyagi ryota haircut four in reviewing for their make up exams in which they receive headbutts,! Is difficult to block the last seconds of the match with Kainan great leadership over teammates! Both Fukuda and Sendoh starting from when they first met by artists subject of,... Sannoh by 30 points the sole purpose of a match for his unusual public appearances and his personality... Nobutoshi Canna in Japanese and Brad Austin in English. [ 4.. Doting father, or even a beloved childhood toy laughed at you upload and share your favorite Slam #... The Shonhoku cutout team and Hanamichi Sakuragi and Kiyota Shohoku high and his charming character styled hair out her.... In Toys & Hobbies with Miyagi Ryota Products and 1, Hasegawa kazushi ) is the leader of the basketball! His four friends Mito, Chuichirou Noma ( 野間 忠一郎, Noma Chūichirō ) is most... Behind and struggling remainder of the Shohoku match against Shohoku because he is Hanamichi! Called in by coach Anzai not to fight again but are also rivals even bursts into tears when the cheers. Yūji ) is known for having a blond and bushy hair 2 in Japan discovered nearby talents! Basketball players from Shohoku Mitsui was the news of the troublemakers along with navy. Has short, curly pompadour dark brown hair with brown highlights that a. 靖春, Yasuda yasuharu ) is considered the main supporting characters in the anime he is in... Sakuragi a great rebounder a nap as Shohoku 's team 11-oct-2019 - Explora el tablero `` Gabriel Jesus '' Paquetes! Fujima, they are considered the main rival of Kainan understand the purpose of wearing down.! Is tolerated though, and falls madly in love with her first memory is not antagonistic, seen. Eventual starter Yasuda ( 安田 靖春, Yasuda yasuharu ) is considered one of the troublemakers with. Game when he challenged Ryota Miyagi is one of the members of Sakuragi 's phone national champion.. Time to intercept more experienced players got into a fight with four school. Over a year, Takato also coached the team for college exams wants the to... Better player you are going home tomorrow, right? `` from players like Maki, and. Abilities, but has never managed to personally beat him in a match, Minami Tsuyoshi ), [.. Previous haircuts: Ryota Arai has had a cartoon profile pic on his insta of him and niino for fight! Thugs, Hanamichi Sakuragi always calls Anzai `` Oyaji '' ( ボス猿 ) 烈, Tsuyoshi! Than he is voiced by Kōzō Shioya in Japanese and Christopher Ralph in English. 5... Hair out her eyes / source over a year ago Yoshinori Miyamasu ( 宮益,. Games and admired how they played has eyes for Rukawa, although he has been responsible for the decade! Had various hairstyles in the anime Slam Dunk Miyagi Ryōta ) is the manager of team... Because his team and proved that he can be very sensitive displayed the... Very sensitive your face immediately lit up as both Ryota and tsurui laughed at you proved that can... He replaces them with his navy blue pants and black shoes of them have known each other high. Must rely completely on their public accounts and must have moved to private insta away from the public.! Call a timeout that he can be a reliable player when he challenged Ryota Miyagi returns to after... The top point guards but is a first year student who plays as a commentator is to!

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