50 Megumi Morning UV Protection Cream SPF 50+ PA++++ Rohto. CDN$45.98. It has the appearance of a clear liquid, with a viscosity marginally higher than water. Free shipping . Rohto . Mentholatum Melano CC Vitamin C Lotion is free from SkinCarisma flagged Allergens Understanding the Identified Contact Allergens The EU's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has identified and established 26 cosmetic ingredients that are likely contact allergens (potential to cause skin allergies) as demonstrated in clinical or epidemiological studies. Rohto Melano CC Merano CC stain Remove Serum with Vitamins C/E 20mL F/S. Công thức mới từ Rohto chứa thành phần L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside tăng khả năng làm trắng sáng da vượt trội hơn so với những dòng kem dưỡng khác. Notify Me When It's Back $22.00. We're an Australian Based Online Store focusing on Asian Beauty. Kem CC Melano Moisture Cream 23gr chuyên dành cho da khô ; Review trọn bộ 6 sản phẩm Melano CC; Mặt nạ CC Melano vitamin C làm trắng trị thâm nám; Công dụng của Melano CC. Melano CC is an oil-based serum. Kết hợp giữa vitamin C và E giúp ngăn chặn sự sản xuất melanin (tác nhân gây ra vết thâm nám, tàn nhang). Discover the no. Jakarta Barat HeartDesire (1) Tambah ke Wishlist. I'm seriously thinking of taking up a job as Japanese cosmetics translator. 1. Be the first to review this product. It solves all of the moisture problems that couldn't be solved with the serum, and since it doesn't have the same citrus scent as the serum, we definitely recommend it if you're looking for some decent, unscented hydration! Melano CC is a brand from Japan that offers brightening products that contain 100% pure vitamin C. Thus, they introduced Melano CC Brightening Gel, a moisturiser with a thin texture and 100% pure vitamin C that will restore moisture in your skin. It also contains Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate and Thymol to reduce redness and irritation while killing acne-causing bacteria to prevent acne. « Color Control Cream », on le connait en étant un correcteur de teint, un régulateur de couleur, de correction complète, mais bien encore plus. ROHTO MELANO CC INTENSIVE ANTI SPOT ESSENCE 20 ML SERUM UTK FLEK WAJAH. Melano CC Vitamin C Brightening Gel . Vitamin C Brightening Lotion Moist. Shop at Stylevana.com on the hottest beauty products for the beautiful you. shipping: + AU $29.95 shipping . The Melano intensive CC cream anti-spot serum contains active vitamin C ingredients, derived to help penetrate into the stratum corneum skin layer and activates the formation of melanin. But we have found comedogenic components and synthetic fragrances. Almost gone. La CC Crème sera parfait pour votre visage si vous avez de l'hyper-pigmentation, la tonalité inégale de peau, ou les imperfections telles que des cicatrices d'acné, des taches de rousseur, et ainsi de suite. It uses a mix of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, BHA and AHA to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin. Melano CC Concentrate Face Mask . Rp210.000. Melano CC Medicated Spot Correcting Whitening Lotion (Moist) 170ml. Free shipping . Mentholatum Acnes25 Medical Cream. Melano CC Essence contains 12 ingredients. The Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence or Melano CC Vitamin C Essence is a Vitamin C based essence (serum) targeted at reducing and fading dark spots. The full name is quite a mouthful: “Melano CC Medicated Blemish Treatment Whitening Lotion. Use of this Site is subject to express terms of use. Have a question? Rohto Mentholatum - Rohto Melano CC Brightening Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream available at Stylevana with great deal today. 4.00 (1 rating) Rohto. Melano CC's official flagship store is on HERMO! Disclaimer: I’ve only used Melano CC toner & essence so far, haven’t tried any other vitamin c serums, so can’t compare. Cosmetics Japan Bestseller Melano CC Spot Corrector Concentrate Serum Essence No. 50 Megumi Lifting Face Milk. Vitamin C of course! Rohto Melano CC Intensive Spot Toner Japan Vit C. Rp225.000 . My experience: It definitely takes a while for the effects to be visible. Rp150.000. AU $55.00. Đôi nét về thương hiệu Rohto Logo thương hiệu Rohto (Nguồn: Internet) It’s not sticky, it smells nice, and I’m convinced that it works. Contact us here. Almost gone. We will be aiming to deliver the item within 3-5 working days. The Rohto Melano CC Vitamin CC Moisture Cream is a nourishing but lightweight moisturiser that targets discolouration and skin texture. About Us. 1 whitening essence in Japan, infused with pure Vitamin C, to lighten acne scars, reduce dark … Eliminating Plastic Waste! © 2020 Rohto-Mentholatum All rights reserved. It’s a “lotion”, in the sense that it’s a skin treatment. Rohto Melano CC cream 20ml / Intensive Spot Essence Japan Fleks. Melano CC. Surabaya Ridho Berkah (7) Tambah ke Wishlist. See the list below for details. Rohto. Upon application, the oil seems to sit on the skin for a few minutes, before being absorbed completely; you can see how, immediately upon application, the oil leaves a thin film of residue on my hand. AU $20.00. Please note that this item is delivered direct from the factory in Europe. It will likely be more effective on dark spots and redness caused by acne or inflamed skin, or perhaps freckles. While I wasn’t terribly impressed with the (now discontinued) Melano CC Facial Mist, I am still a fan of the Essence. Melano CC Whitening Lotion. Melano WHITENING Cream. … Watch me reviewing the new product from Japan called Melano CC Pure Vitamin C Essence on youtube It can lighten acne marks/scars, fight dark spots & … Ngăn ngừa mụn, rôm sảy. The Melano CC Essence is aimed at the prevention of breakouts, reducing scarring and pigmentation - any ideas what the key ingredient might be? Sold out. KOSE COSMEPORT softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil 230ml (japan import) 4.5 … If you require an urgent delivery please email us on cc@mccm.co or speak to your sales manager. The Melano CC brand is all about Vitamin C and brightening, and I love that! Depending on the type of dark spots you are targeting, it may or may not be very effective. Rohto. PRODUCT INFORMATION. To get the best results always use a SPF product during the day. Formulated without alcohol, fragrance, mineral oil, sulfates or other irritating ingredients. Here’s Mentholatum’s Melano CC’s whitening lotion! Melano CC. Sumber : Goodier Cosmetics BB cream dan CC cream sama-sama bermanfaat untuk menyamarkan noda hitam dan bekas jerawat pada wajah.Hasilnya, kulit wajah jadi lebih lembut, sehat, dan siap menggunakan produk make up lainnya.Namun ternyata produk yang merupakan singkatan dari color correcting atau complexion corrector ini lebih unggul dari BB cream sebab teksturnya lebih ringan dan halus. Kem cc melano moisture cream 23gr. Helpful Links. Mentholatum - Skin Aqua Super Moisture Essence Sunblock SPF 50+ PA++++ Rohto. No reproduction or republication without written permission. Trọn bộ của hãng bao gồm có Mặt nạ giấy – Lotion – essence và kem chống nắng (nay đã ngưng sản xuất) – xịt khoáng và serum. Hầu hết các sản phẩm của Melano CC đều là … Có thành phần chính chiết xuất từ thảo dược thiên nhiên như hoa anh đào, hoa anh thảo, dầu jojoba, tầm xuân. Rohto Melano CC Moisture Cream for Stain Freckles Care 23g Vitamins C/E Japan. The targeted serum features active vitamin C and vitamin E derivatives to prevent dark spots and acne marks. It has the distinctive scent of yuzu. You might experience slight delay in receiving the delivery of this item. Melano CC … Tangerang bestjapanshopper (11) Tambah ke Wishlist. It’s a great, affordable little serum that works well, especially for those new to using Vitamin C. WHAT YOU GET: (1) Melano CC Anti-Spot Moisture Cream NET WEIGHT: 23g INGREDIENTS: Ascorbyl Glucoside, Tocopheryl Acetate, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate & O-cymen-5-ol, Water, Butylene Glycol., Salicylic Acid, Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract, Oenothera Biennis Seed Extract, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Lactic Acid, Hydrolyzed Brassica Alba Seed Extract, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Disodium … Melano CC Anti-Spot Moisture Cream. The essence itself can be used on problematic areas of the face, or it can be used as an all over brightening serum - I went with the latter. AU $47.11. Cùng BlogAnChoi xem review tinh chất Melano CC Whitening Essence thuộc bộ sản phẩm trên để giải mã sức nóng ấy nhé!. Rohto. Amazon.com: MELANO CC Pure Vitamin C Essence 20ml -Pure VIT.C - Penetrates into Skin to Fight pimples, Pimple Marks and Dark Spots: Health & Personal Care It isn’t the typical creamy white lotion; it’s a colorless, thin liquid. Melano CC Concentration Measures Essence 20mL. Quasi-Drug (医薬部外品) Mentholatum Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence is a Japanese beauty serum for hyperpigmentation and acne. Melano CC có tên đầy đủ là Rohto Melano CC là một thương hiệu trực thuộc công ty Rohto của Nhật Bản chung nhà với H ada L abo . Melano CC Moisture Cream comes in a tube very similar to Melano CC Serum. Kab. Kanebo free plus Gentle Cleansing Cream 100g by Kanebo 4.6 out of 5 stars 98. The combination of various active ingredients are formulised to help reduce hyperpigmentation caused from acne scaring. Unboxing review video of one of the most popular moisturising & … Bao bì : thiết kế của Melano CC serum độc đáo dạng tube nhôm giúp cho vitamin C được bảo vệ hoàn toàn tránh khỏi các nguyên nhân gây oxi hoá mà chị em chúng ta khi dùng vitamin C hay các loại serum dưỡng trắng đều rất lo sợ. It's free of harmful alcohols, allergens, gluten, sulfates, fungal acne feeding components, parabens, silicones and polyethylene glycol (PEG). 4 in 1 Original JiaoBi Cream Jiao Yan Whitening Ying Skin Care Vitamin Set NYC. Almost gone . Melano CC Whitening là bộ sản phẩm trị thâm mụn gây sức ảnh hưởng nhất trong thế giới làm đẹp năm 2017.

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