The wash and go is a hairstyle typically done on freshly washed hair. I have not had a touchup since April 2018. twist and curl, 4c natural hair… The issue is, in order to retain the curl definition in 4B or 4C hair there is a whole lot more effort than just simply washing your hair, adding in some product and going. It works well for me. Maui Moisture on Coily Kinky Hair Texture, Lottabody Review - Most Affordable Product for Type 4 Hair, 14 Essential Oils to Use in Your Natural Hair and How they Help You, 13 Must-Have Natural Hair Tools To Start, 12 Mistakes That Is Hindering You From Retaining Length, THE ULTIMATE 10 STEP KOREAN SKINCARE ROUTINE, Simple 3-Step SkinCare Routine for Busy Moms, Hair Spritzer (or spray bottle with water), You HAVE TO START IN THE SHOWER WITH CLEAN HAIR, at least until you have mastered the technique, Ensure you condition your hair, the conditioner will start to awaken your curls, let them look more defined, While in the shower and the water is running apply gel in sections, starting from the back, With each gel application to hair, shingle and shake the section to form curls, When hair is fully gelled, use your spritzer to add oil and moisture, Now for the shake, bend over at the waist and shake excess water and product from your hair, shake from side to side, up and down. For 4C hair, you can expect a fluffy cloud that can get more definition based on the product you use.Â, Try your best to let your hair dry as much as possible before you leave the house — both high humidity and extreme cold can alter the way your pattern reacts and the shape in which it dries.Â, Practice makes perfect as well and the more you do wash and gos, the better (and faster) the end result will be!Â, Keep in mind that natural hair is alive and has a mind of its own, so no two wash days will give you the exact same hair every time.Â. Some popular conditioners do not mix well with the Eco-Styler Gel, as such be careful you may have an issue with white residue. Not only is your curl pattern different, but also the thickness can vary. Since this time, I have mostly been wearing crochettes. Chizi explains this common misconception about 4C hair in this video: Contrary to popular belief, 4C hair is beautiful and desirable, and our goal is to ensure you have the healthiest, most nourished 4C hair possible. Products used: Aussie mega moist conditionerCream of Nature leave in conditionArgon oil Eco styler gel Then, voila! This is because I love how my hair looks in wash and gos, and I reallyyy love getting my hair wet. Then use your wide teeth comb or hair pick to lift and form hair. There are no exceptions or excuses. Wash and gos are about technique, so that’s really the key in perfecting the style for yourself. I’ve always considered my hair to be pretty hopeless when it comes to wash n goes. Hey loves!! This is pretty easy to do when you have short hair. Don’t let it shrink on a wash day. The steam from the water hydrates your hair even more, so it allows the product to better absorb. You are wonderful! Wash and gos set the stage for versatility, health, and moisture. If you want to switch up your style before your next wash day, or you just want healthy hair, a wash and go can help your 4C hair get it done.Â. If you haven’t heard about it yet, The Max Hydration Method has become popular among many naturals with kinky coily hair types for achieving wash n go hair. I’m sure this makes sense from a business perspective, but you’re going to miss the 4 lady 99% of the time and she has a right to be skeptical based on all the wasted hair products under her cabinet that don’t work. So grab your satin lined scrub caps and let's get to it. Have you ever tried a wash and go on your 4C hair before? As a suggestion, if you are interested in capturing the “4 hair” Market (you may not be), consider modifying your advertisement so that we can “see” it works for our hair type,…just some food for thought. No matter what hair type you have, there's a tutorial made perfectly for you. Knowledge of your porosity is key to ensuring you are using the tight products so first of head over to the link provided and go see about the porosity confusing mess and how to Moisturise Low Porosity hair if that’s your struggle, it sure is mine. Cooking: Challenging Gender Roles on Thanksgiving. What is common and a must is that for a wash and go on type hair you have to use some form of holding agent. I love my 4c hair and I love the wavy hair, so nothing against any hair type.. I’m going to consider using your product based on your video. While many hair types focus on the ultimate Wash n Go definition, 4c naturals have other priorities. Yes, You Can Do a Wash and Go on 4C Hair! On my second time doing a wash n’ go I was hesitant to try on my own, so I purchase III Sisters of Nature Natural Curling Gelo from the beauty store and I used it along with the Eco-Styler Gel. Your email address will not be published. I ended up damaging my hair from it. I attempted a wash and go again! How do you diminish this/make it go away? But we kinky, thick-haired beauties know better, don’t we? Our four-step system will help you achieve Wash + Go of your dreams. The goal of a wash and go is to capture your curl definition. Required fields are marked *. Here’s Kim’s wash and go tutorial to get you started. I did the LOC method with my wash and go because I noticed that when I do the LOC method, my hair remains moisturized during the entire process. For gorgeous volume Will your product work on hair that still has relaxer on it? Type 4b/4c hair really doesn’t have curls that can be defined. Shingling your hair products will determine your success when trying to achieve a wash and go on 4c hair. Once it’s damp, the first thing I do is put in some leave-in conditioner. — See the picture below of our model for proof. When it was time to go to sleep I neglected to at the very least pineapple my hair and that led to my hair … I find it hard to believe that you have not been down this same road with having 4c hair yourself. Styling on dry or damp hair. It doesn’t break my hair. A wash-and-go is the perfect everyday hairstyle for when you want to wear your hair down and get your curls popping! ;-), 4C hair is thick, luscious, and super versatile — you can wear a wash and go one day and then do a twist out overnight to switch it up.Â. click on the about section and read about my enthusiasm for natural hair and how I started my journey. It tends to be kinky coily, have a ton of shrinkage, and tangles very easily. Wash and gos set the stage for versatility, health, and moisture. It will come with its ups and its downs. But please be mindful that your pattern can change with age (thanks to female hormones), and different processes like color can alter your coils too. Try doing that and you’ll end up like this: No SPAM! Trying to achieve a wash and go on dry or damp hair … How did it turn out?Â. Thank you not only for this great information, but for publically standing up against the growing trend that lighter is bad or evil, encouraged not only in social media but unfortunately by some educators and leaders. Check out this one for better results. You’ll also need to realise and accept that your curls will not fall as a looser curly but may take more of an afro shape unless your hair is a bit longer. On the curl pattern spectrum, 4C represents the tightest coiled textures.Â, Yes, it’s a coil, not just a curl! Here’s How, person can do a wash and go, no matter their texture.Â, 4C hair is thick, luscious, and super versatile — you can wear a wash and go one day and then do a, So, while we encourage you to find out if your pattern is 4C, we also want to stress the importance of creating. I also have that film/residue on the hair that doesn’t fully go away after the hairis dried. Fact: every person can do a wash and go, no matter their texture.Â. The issue is all in the technique, knowledge of your hair, then products that are used. Check out this video of our model with an amazing wash and go on 4C hair. :-). Though it helps to know your curl pattern when it comes to hair care and products, we don’t love the idea of categorizing hair further… especially when beauty ideals have neglected natural hair and curls in general for centuries.Â. So, while we encourage you to find out if your pattern is 4C, we also want to stress the importance of creating a simple wash day routine and sticking to it: cleansing your curls and coils, conditioning your hair, moisturizing your strands, and protecting your style. Wash and go for 4C Natural hair has been elusive or even mythical to some women. Wash, condition, and deep condition your hair as often as you can (if your hair is 4C you must do this almost every time, 4C is very dry.) Your wash and go is achieved. Put on your makeup and you’re ready for the road. This video is a step-by-step guide to doing a wash n go on type 4 natural hair. 2. Tips: After your hair is mildly saturated, section hair in small portions and apply the gel. Use a light hand. It pains us to say that women of color are still shamed for having tight coils and curls.Â, The modern natural hair movement we’re a part of is celebrating all textures with the understanding that we need to broaden the ideals of beauty to include everyone.Â. The point is, Wash and Go on 4c Hair is very possible, For a list of Essential Tools that you will need for your Natural Hair Journey click here. You also may be wondering why do you have so much to offer? 4c wash & go by Lisa Fuller | Mar 04, 2020 Tag: 4c , my curl products , natural , natural hair styles , styles by lisa , texture , transistion , wash and go With good products and a good routine, it can be close though! Let’s face it: long hair has always been the standard of a Eurocentric beauty industry for far too long.Â, Though our natural curls and coils grow outward as much as they do downward, length is still prized, and that speaks to the lack of education about how natural hair functions.Â. With any style you attempt on your hair you are bound to have varying results each time. For 4C hair, you can expect a fluffy cloud that can, to your wet hair to start the definition process.Â, © Copyright 2020 CurlMix - All Rights Reserved, Curls vs. But the execution can be challenging for some. I do take breaks from the weave and usually blow dry it. Wash and go for 4C Natural hair has been elusive or even mythical to some women. Well, we’re here to debunk that myth and let you know that your 4C hair can thrive doing wash and gos even if you have 4C hair!Â. What I’ve learn’t is: you need to know the porosity level of your hair as that determine the moisture level of your hair. Leave a Comment « PREV VIDEO. This was an interesting blog and I’m sad to hear the comments. Thanks for sharing the video. This will allow your curls to clump, Use Blow dryer on cool to dry faster and set curls. Love the hair colour! It involves washing your hair and defining your natural curl pattern. Although I fo have a lot of new growth, I still have relaxer on the ends. and sticking to it: cleansing your curls and coils, conditioning your hair, moisturizing your strands, and protecting your style. If you want to switch up your style before your next wash day, or you just want healthy hair, a wash and go can help your 4C hair get it done. Our kinks and curls are beautiful and sexy all the while being chic and fashionable. Make sure you know you your hair type. It is a whiteish film. It takes less product and less time to dry, however, on medium to long hair you may have to use a half a tub of gel depending on how defined you want to go. Vanilla Berry Wash + Go System with Organic Castor Oil for Strengthening Hair (Step 1 - 4), Watermelon Wash + Go System with Organic Hemp Seed Oil for Hair Growth (Step 1 - 4), Lavender Wash + Go System with Organic Jojoba Oil for Moisturizing Hair (Step 1 - 4), Lemon Creme Wash + Go System with Organic Argan Oil for Softening Hair (Step 1 - 4), Fragrance Free Wash + Go System with Organic Sweet Almond Oil for Sensitive Skin (Step 1 - 4), CurlMix Fresh (3 Products + FREE GIFT When You Subscribe) (Ships December 17th), 4C Hair Wash Day : 5 easy tips to revamp your wash day experience, The whiteness has more to do with how you dry your hair after adding the product. Here's a quick tutorial for you when it's morning and you're in a rush getting ready to go to work. In this video i will be doing my first was and go on my 4c hair! Do the any of the two methods above until you get to the short sections Your hair will be limp so give it some time to partially dry, if you have time you can wait it out, if not use your blow dryer on low. My wash and gos have gone from clueless, to complicated, and now finally simple and easy. My wash n go results on my 4B/4C hair! “I laughed at the idea. Racism against someone because her skin is light is racism. Tips: Spritz hair with water or conditioner solution. Use your hair pic to form your now curly wash and go for your type 4 hair. Share what’s worked and what didn’t in the comments to help a curlfriend out. Navigate your way to the side of the page and click on newly natural and you will find that you have all the information you need there to have a more successful and stress-free, no pun intended natural hair experience. And of course, you can consult with a natural hair stylist in your area who can give you the final verdict as well. There’s a particular misconception when it comes to 4C hair because the optics around wash and gos usually show collarbone-length (or longer), big curls — which completely leaves out the tightest type 4 textures. Upon reaching home I washed my hair and watched a few tutorials on how to achieve a wash n’ go just to ensure that I get the job done right. Yaassss you did it a wash and go on Type 4 or 4c Hair Texture. Plus, 4C hair holds patterns longer and more easily than any other texture, so styles last longer. The fade haircut has actually generally been catered to males with brief hair, however lately, individuals have been integrating a high fade with tool or long hair on the top. Your email address will not be published. Just look at the different wash and gos in this photo: All absolutely beautiful, and all wash and gos on natural hair… including 4C hair! We can achieve styles that range from straight to curly, wavy, braided, twisted and puffed and with such uniqueness to make any woman feel special. Depending on your hair type and curl pattern a wash and go can be a quick 5 to 10-minute process or it can take … My hair was still a little wet when I filmed the tutorial. Proof that wash n go’s can be achieved on 4b and 4c hair. Anthony Dickey is the owner of the haircare line and salon “Hair Rules” and was the first to open a multi-texture salon with key focus on curly, kinky, and frizzy hair types and textures. Check out some of our favorites below! I was always doing twist-outs in order to elongate my curls, well that’s time consuming and involves too much manipulation of my 4C hair that highly prefers low manipulation. Natural hair is versatile. The wash-and-go is a staple hairstyle for people with naturally kinky, curly, or Afro-textured hair. @Allison Thompson Wash and go does work for 4c hair but you just have to figure out what works for u. I cut my Sisterlocks in October and I’ve been doing wash and go on my TWA since then. The issue is all in the technique, knowledge of your hair, then products that are used. Having true 4c hair myself, I am always skeptical of purchasing products that are advertised with long wavy curl patterns because 99% of them don’t work on 4c hair. I use Auntie Jackie’s Moisture Intensive Leave-in and it feels great, Afterward, I use Doo Gro’s Mega Thick Formula Hair Oil and Kuza Indian Hemp to oil and moisturize. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. With a tapered haircut, you shouldn’t have much work to do at the back. Shrinkage often occurs on wash day, so you’ll need to actively combat that if you want to keep your 4C hair … 4C is not inherently dry or “unmanageable”, so let’s debunk that myth now.Â, Actually, a lot of the trouble in the natural hair community around hair typing is that we don’t really know our hair types that well… and many people mistakenly identify with 4C hair, when the hair is just dry!Â, Some people even think 4C hair has no curl pattern.Â, Can you imagine that… natural hair with no curl pattern? I tried a wash and go for seven full days on type 4b/4c hair and some pretty surprising things happened. This is my third attempt and after my last one, I almost threw in the towel. Here, we dig into what 4C hair is, how you can wash and go properly, healthy hair care, and more. best wash and go hairstyles for short 4c hair and also hairstyles have been popular amongst men for many years, and also this trend will likely rollover into 2017 and past. The next morning, I wash out the product and let my hair dry a little before doing the LOC method. My only concern is the traces of white product that remain in her hair after she is done. 1. I only use my Denman for brushing my deep conditioner into my strands. Step 4: Apply Product and Rake Through Hair. if not, you are the exception. It helps get the extra hair that my finger misses out. The key is moisture, especially on coiled hair like 4a-4c. This holding agent will act as the product to freeze your curls into place. I’m transitioning from relaxed hair. The Difference with 4c Hair. You'll have moisturized, bouncy, defined curls that last. Then, you can exit the shower and set your hair with a tool like a blow dryer or diffuser, blowing downward. We do not share your email to any 3rd party companies! Curl definition is most pronounced when the hair is saturated with moisture by using water based products and applying them on wet hair. Really zoom in on it. I am 4B/4c (if that is what yall go by i.e. Check out my gear on Kit: Hey guys! If you’re wondering whether your hair is 4C, you can compare your strands to those of your favorite vloggers and influencers with the pattern. #Repost #Hair Care #Natural Hair #YouTube Tutorial REPOST Afro tutorial fro big hair achieve big afro how to stretch natural hair Wash n go Wash and go Wash n' go best wash n go natural type 4a 4b 4c hair 3c hair natural hair products for curl definition Wash and Go, Type 3c 4a 4b 4c hair, How to Define natural curls and coils, can 4c hair wash and go? For others, it might not. I never respond to a blog, but this one hits home for me. Natural hair tutorial (defined wash and go) using the black castor & flaxseed eco styler gel! This video teaches step-by-step the Anthony Dickey Wash and Go Method on type 4c hair. Here, we dig into what 4C hair is, how you can wash and go properly, healthy hair … You are essentially forming small cute curls with the palm of your hand. My hair is low porosity. You must make sure that your hair is dripping wet when you apply your styling product. Okay ladies, it's time for Wash-and-Go natural hair greatness from a 4c sista! Despite all the occasional trash we hear in the news about our natural tresses, we know how amazing it truly is. Recurring Delivery every ${['shipping_interval_frequency'] } ${['shipping_interval_unit_type'] }. I also do a mini storytime on my horrible salon experience! With twist outs, I struggle to go for a full week without wetting my hair, and after a few days of my twist out, it loses the style, anyways. Believe it or not, you might want to put your hair products in the shower, just like you do your bath products.Â, After you shampoo and condition, add the moisturizer and gel to your wet hair to start the definition process.Â. The wash and go can seem like one of the quickest and simplest natural hairstyles, but sometimes its hard to perfect a wash and go that works for your curls. RECIEVE 20% OFF WHEN YOU BOOK AN APPOINTMENT BY SAYING "CHIZI GOT JADED" Hope you guys enjoy the video! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I have always maintained that your natural hair journey is just that a journey. I think it turned out pretty well! I have 4B/4C hair and at the beginning of summer I decided to follow a wash and go-only regimen. This has been the easiest "YouTube" wash and go I have done so far. You should remember that a naturalista with type 3c or 4a hair will not have the same wash and go as a type 4b or 4c naturalista. I think the key is the advertisement is always with the long wavy ladies.

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